Mobile-X Extend Honored for Offering Exceptional Work-from-Anywhere, Mobile Unified Communications

FRISCO, TEXAS, USA, and LEEDS, ENGLAND, UK (MARCH 22, 2022) — Tango Networks announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named Mobile-X Extend as a 2022 TMCnet Remote Work Pioneer winner presented by TMCnet.

The award honors companies whose software and other solutions support the massive increase in Remote Working brought on by the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Mobile-X Extend service turns every employee’s mobile phone — including personal, Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) phones — into a secure, controlled extension of the employers’ business communications systems.

“Today’s work-from-anywhere world demands business quality communications that are extremely simple to use in any location. We built Mobile-X Extend to meet this need,” said Douglas Bartek, CEO of Tango Networks. “Extend enables employees’ personal, BYOD mobile phones to contain company-controlled business lines. Employees can make and receive business communications with no special apps or training, while Extend keeps business and personal communications separate and secure.

Using breakthrough fixed mobile Convergence technology, Mobile-X Extend enables every employee to carry the equivalent of a full-featured business landline desk phone in their smartphone. The service is native to the device, permitting employees to use their devices’ regular interfaces for standard business features, including forwarding, hold, conferencing and other capabilities.

Mobile-X Extend does this by turning one SIM in a dual SIM phone into a business line controlled by the company. Business calls and texts use that line and can be captured and recorded for compliance or quality assurance. Meanwhile, all personal calls and texts on the BYOD phone remain private and secure.

Covered by more than 90 patents, the Mobile-X service is used by companies to extend Mobile Unified Communications to employees in virtually any location. That includes those working from home or in hybrid work models spending part of the time at home, or in the office, or wherever they happen to be. Companies have used Mobile-X as a key communications component of their business continuity programs. The ability to record mobile communications also makes it a key solution for financial services companies.

“Recognizing leaders in the advancement of remote working software, TMC is proud to announce Mobile-X Extendas a recipient of the 2nd Annual Remote Work Pioneer Award,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “Tango Networks is being honored for their achievement in bringing innovation and excellence to the market, while leveraging the latest technology trends.”

The 2022 TMCnet Remote work Pioneer Award will be highlighted on TMCnet news portal.

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Tango Networks
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The Mobile-X service turns any mobile phone into a fully featured extension of a company’s communications platform, putting mobile voice, text and data entirely in a company’s control for the first time.

Businesses use Mobile-X to deliver easy-to-use, business quality communications for work-from-anywhere programs, remote workers and employees working from homethe distributed workforcedeskless employees, and workers on the go.

Mobile-X empowers companies to transform operations, streamline collaboration and boost employee productivity across the board. Learn more at

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