Mobile Call & Text Recording

Mobile call and text recording ensures compliance with regulatory mandates, risk management requirements and organizational policies.

Recording and archiving

  • Enables recording of real-time mobile communications including voice and messaging
  • Permits you to capture and record mobile voice and texts with the same recording tools and applications you use with landlines
  • Captures enterprise communications operated on any mobile device, including BYOD
  • Maintains user privacy with simply configured and maintained dual personas for users – ensures users’ non-enterprise communications remain private
  • Boosts compliance with Dodd-Frank, FCA and other regulations
  • Records voice and messaging, including complete text

The Communications Compliance Crackdown

In the US, the Securities and Exchange Commission requires that communications pertaining to a financial transaction involving securities must be recorded and retained.

In late 2021, the SEC began cracking down on financial services companies that are violating these compliance requirements. J.P. Morgan Securities was fined $200 million for record-keeping violations because employees conducted regulated business activities on personal devices and with personal accounts.

If financial services is one of your customer segments, or if you want it to be, then you can bring your customers a powerful new solution to avoid major fines.

Highly flexible, highly enforceable

  • Enforces compliance policies across all mobiles, including corporate and BYOD
  • Simple policy definition and execution
  • Secure as users cannot turn off or circumvent policy enforcement

Record Mobile Voice Calls and Text Messages From Any Mobile Phone

Tango Extend enables simple capturing and recording of voice and text communications on any smartphone, including personal Bring-Your-Own-Device phones.

Now financial services and banking employees can be mobile, in touch and compliant all at the same time.


We are affiliate members of The Association of Professional Compliance Consultants, the body for compliance consultants who advise firms regulated in the UK.

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