Next Generation Fixed Mobile Convergence

The world has changed.

The pandemic, new working practices, cloudification and Gen-Z joining the workforce

Mobile is the norm for business communications today – 80% of business calls involve at least one participant on a mobile phone

Hybrid and Gen-Z workers want choices of which UC device to use wherever they are

One UC Platform – many seamless access options

The asks are simple:

  • Top quality calls with customers and contacts
  • Only one mobile to carry, not two
  • No expensing of business calls on personal mobiles
  • No battery-draining apps to use business UC

Tango’s Mobile UC is the Answer

Many organizations are moving their traditional office-based UC systems to the cloud. This makes it easier to integrate mobile communications. Now your organization can control mobile devices and business communications as easily as in-office phones.

Tango Networks has developed a new breed of mobile network, integrating with all major cloud telephony and UC systems with standard SIP technology.

It’s called Tango Extend – the market-leading Mobile UC solution for businesses of any size.

Mobile UC Services:
UC Link

Mobile-Enabled Workflows:
Business Application Integration

Next Gen Wireless:
Private LTE

The Next Generation of Fixed Mobile Convergence is Here

Most employees use their mobile phones as their primary tool for business communications.

The Tango Extend service turns any mobile phone into a full-featured extension of your business UC platform.

See how much cost and carbon you could save while meeting your employees needs

Equip any mobile device with a Tango Extend eSIM or physical SIM. Your hybrid workers will enjoy the best quality voice calling from their mobiles with all the UC features. They will get the best user experience and waste less time claiming business expenses for using their personal phones.

You can reduce the number of desk phones, and cut company-issued mobile phones and use personal devices instead. You will help reduce carbon emissions and save employees from carrying two devices.

Free your employees from the office with true Mobile UC.

One Number for Business

  • Tango Extend enables existing landline or mobile business numbers to be used on any mobile device.
  • The landline number may already be allocated to the business user by the UC platform.
  • The mobile number may be from an existing mobile contract and ported in for use with Tango Extend

Flexible use – for Personal or Company Provided Phones

Add a business line to any personal mobile phone

Simply download a Tango Extend eSIM to any personal mobile device to add a business identity for calling business contacts.

The business identity is the number you use on your desk phone or UC client on your laptop.

Install a Tango Extend SIM in a company-provided phone

Replace existing SIMs with Tango Extend Business SIMs. All calls will be routed through your UC platform, for complete policy control and UC features on every phone. Just use the green button to make calls – no need for UC apps.

eSIMs – A game-changer

Your business users are not in the office anymore. They need new technology delivered to them electronically.

In the past, getting a physical SIM out to a new employee was a juggling act of SIM logistics. You had to send the right SIM to the right user, relying on mail or a delivery service to get it there, then relying on the user to find a pair of tweezers to insert it in the right slot. It was a very time-consuming and error-prone process.

Everything changes with Tango Extend eSIMs. IT admins can simply provision a mobile user on the UC platform and email an activation QR code to the user. The user just scans the code and – presto! – the eSIM is installed and the business number is configured for use. A days’ long process now takes minutes!

Call and Text Recording

Some companies are required to retain communications by regulators. Others want to monitor communications with customers for training. Until now, capturing and archiving these communications on mobile phones has been a huge challenge.

In fact, financial services regulators have levied huge fines against banks that don’t record transaction communications on mobiles.

With Tango Extend, mobile calls made and received can be recorded on the existing UC recording platform used for desk phones in the office. Tango Extend also records text messages which can be stored and analyzed by existing analytics platforms, where required.

Tango Extend International Availability

Tango Extend is being rolled-out internationally.
It is currently available in the USA and UK and provides service for roaming in over 200 countries.

Tango Technology

Tango Extend is a full mobile service built in the cloud. It is built with a powerful IMS core to support VoLTE voice services and mobile data up to 5G speeds. The service is resold by Tango’s network of approved partners with a powerful set of APIs for provisioning and management of SIMs and services.

The network was built to meet the needs of IT teams in companies across the globe. It puts the IT team in control of mobile services in the same way that fixed telephony services are managed.

The flexibility and programmability of Tango Extend puts it at the forefront of true FMC and communications convergence.

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