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Frontline Workers

Tango Extend enables frontline workers in virtually any sector to be linked permanently with their office using their personal mobile phones. Calls to co-workers and customers from the native dialer route through the business UC platform for integration while on the move. Frontline workers can be reached on a single business number, as if they were on an office phone.

The convenience and control this provides, transforms the efficiency of frontline activity and keeps the business in total control.

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Modern Hybrid workers

The modern workforce is becoming more hybrid. They spend their time at their home offices, in the office and travelling. They need the business tools to support communications with their business contacts wherever they are. Hybrid workers are increasingly reliant on their mobile phones and need an office phone in their pocket.

Tango Extend frees hybrid workers to work where they need, while providing them the business connectivity, identity and security to meet their communications needs.

Field Service Technicians

Tango Extend automatically connects your operations teams and call center to field service technicians seamlessly. Customers like to respond to the number they called, not a personal number they don’t recognize. Equipped with eSIMs and business numbers, technicians can use their personal mobile devices for calling customers while on the job – and all calls will be tracked and recorded for workflow assurance.

Financial Services & Regulated Users

The Financial services Industry has strict regulatory requirements which enforce the recording of all customer engagements using all forms of communications. As mobile phones become the dominant communications tool – they need to adhere to these rules.

Tango Extend enables all calls to and from mobile devices to transit the existing business calling platform, meaning mobile calls can be recorded as for desk phones in the office. Not only that, but SMS messages can also be recorded and stored for compliance. For self regulated businesses, needing to record calls for quality assurance or workflow tracking, Tango Extend is the ideal service to ensure all communications is preserved for subsequent analytics and diagnosis.

Mobile Sales Representatives

Your sales people on-the-go are the most critical customer-facing personnel in your operation. Yet so much business is conducted on mobile phones outside of the office as these employees engage and drive business with their prospects and customers. Sales & Marketing Management Magazine calls the mobile phone “the new office” for today’s sales professional.

Sales people don’t want to carry two phones around – and want the most intuitive calling experience and for it to always work. Tango Extend supports single device use and simple, secure user experience for your sales team. It provides the highest quality calling experience for those important business calls.

Healthcare, Education and Government Professionals

Public facing professionals face tougher schedules, pressurized work environments and greater demands on their time. They need to operate using the centralised communications platforms which may not have been fully modernised. Tango Extend is compatible with a large number of legacy platforms used by governments, education and public sector organizations.

Healthcare workers in particular have to be mobile within and outside their normal workplaces. They need to respond quickly to emergencies and events – so their mobile devices become essential tools for co-ordinating and dealing with these situations, and need to maintain quality of service at all times.

Retail Workers

“The flexibility to be anywhere from the shopfloor to the warehouse and still have the same communications is vital.”

The Retail industry has relied on traditional PBX and DECT platforms to support the needs of staff at tills and in the back office and warehouse. With changes in shopping behaviour, distribution and delivery, businesses and retail staff are having to adapt to new ways of working.

Tango Extend supports retail workers by offering flexible and highly mobile solutions which can work with legacy voice platforms. It can also replace obsolete DECT systems with wider mobility using existing smartphones. This keeps your staff linked and contactable wherever they work.

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