Finally – a mobile network built for business

Tango Networks operates the world’s first mobile network built for business, controlled by businesses

We transform the mobile phone into a controlled endpoint for remote workers, office-based employees and those working outside the office

“We chose to partner with Tango Networks because its business mobile service enables companies to boost productivity of remote workers and drive competitive advantage to excel in the COVID-19 and post COVID era.”

Heiko Friedrich, CEO of GEMA International.

“Together, Gamma, Tango Networks and our partners will unlock true business-class mobile unified communications that deliver unmatched flexibility and value for enterprise customers.”

Mike Mills, Head of Sales for the Cloud & Infrastructure Channel, Gamma

“Tango Networks is driving to fruition Mobile UC of such high quality that it is replacing landline UC.” 

James Johnson, Managing Director, Mobile Breakthrough

“Modern businesses require a range of tools for different members of their team. Partnering with Tango-Networks has enabled us to offer our VanillaIP resellers a best-in-class Mobile Extension device, with a full ‘API’ integration to our unique Uboss cloud management platform, helping accelerate revenue growth by enhancing their customers service.”

Iain Sinnot, VP Sales, VanillaIP

How are you optimizing mobile communications for your business?

Adopting a Mobile First strategy?

Mobile-X enables businesses to make mobile phones the primary communications tools for employees. Now all mobile calls use the business number and can be managed directly by a company’s IT department. Enable your employees to carry desk phones in their pockets! Learn more about adopting Mobile First Communications for a distributed workforce.

Building a remote workforce solution?

Mobile-X enables remote workers to communicate exactly as if they were in the office. Their mobile phones become integral extensions of the Unified Communications platform and they can make and receive calls without having to use a special App. Business Features such as transfer and conferencing can be initiated directly from the phone. Learn more about our Remote Worker & Teleworker communications solution.

Looking to boost the productivity of mobile users?

Mobile-X seamlessly integrates mobile phones into all leading Unified Communications platforms, turning them into full featured extensions of the communications system. Learn more about enhancing workforce productivity with Mobile Unified Communications.

Building a business messaging service for mobile workers?

Mobile-X turns messaging into an essential communications tool for engaging your mobile workers with key customers, partners and others. Now your employees on mobile phones can send and receive texts from your business numbers, enabling them to communicate in the preferred way of many of today’s customers. Learn more about our Enterprise Text Messaging solution.

Get connected to one of our partners who can:

Deliver Mobile Unified Communications to your employees

If you run IT for your company, Mobile-X gives you your own private mobile network. You now have visibility and direct control over your employees’ mobile communications, including voice, messaging and data. You can manage mobile phone communications as easily as traditional desk phone communications. You can even use monitoring and recording systems for capturing mobile voice and messaging. Mobile-X seamlessly mobile-enables your UC platform with no special apps. Click here to learn more.

Enable you to comply with voice and messaging services used in regulated industries, such as finance and insurance

Mobile-X enables mobile voice, messaging and data to be captured and routed to communications monitoring, recording and archiving systems. Now the same solutions used for landline communications compliance can be used for mobile communications as well. Employees can use their mobile phones while maintaining compliance with regulations and company policies.  Click here to learn more.

Operate a cloud communications platform

If you sell business communications services, Mobile-X allows you to integrate mobility into your UC offerings. The pre-integrated, turnkey, wholesale offering enables you to add mobile to your portfolio in weeks. Create incredibly sticky services your business customers love and tap exploding demand for business mobile communications. Expand your portfolio to become a one-stop-shop for business communications services.  Click here to learn more.

Provide custom voice, messaging and data communications solutions for business

Mobile-X offers the flexibility to integrate with communications platforms as well as business applications such as Customer Relationship Management solutions. Now you can offer unique, rich mobile-enabled applications to business users. Mobile-X also can be part of 5G, CBRS and Private LTE deployments, serving as a future-proof foundation for adopting the new generation of wireless. Click here to learn more.

Mobile-X Extend- The BYOD Business SIM™

Turn any eSIM-enabled personal phone into a full-featured business extension

Reseller oportunity:  The Business Mobile Revolution

Our solutions put businesses in direct total control of mobile voice, messaging and data like never before. Sold exclusively by our channel partners, our solutions transform communications for today's business users. Covered by more than 90 patents, our next generation fixed mobile convergence technologies are unlocking new business models, creating new markets, and changing the face of communications as we know it.

Mobile-X is a turnkey solution that enables Communications Service Providers and Value Added Resellers to offer business mobile services quickly and easily. Click a button below to learn more.

Tango Networks is a member of the GSMA

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