Tango Extend – The eSIM for Teams Phone

Recognized as the “highly commended” Best Microsoft Teams Solution by UC Award judges.

Tango Extend enables calls to be made from the native dialer on virtually any mobile phone, using an existing Teams number.

Tango Extend enables mobile phones to become another endpoint – like a desk phone, conference phone, Desktop or laptop Teams client.

Tango Extend seamlessly brings Teams to employees on-the-go and the deskless workforce, such as frontline, hybrid and gig workers in retail, delivery, service, education, finance and virtually any industry. Tango Extend can be used by organizations of any size who have deployed MS Teams and want to enable more users to use calling plans when out of the office.

Watch an interview with Andrew Bale, President of Tango Networks, explaining to Tom Arbuthnot, Co-founder of Empowering.Cloud, what Tango Extend can do for your business and why this launch is so significant.

How it Works

Tango Extend enables existing fixed Teams numbers to be loaded on an eSIM through the Extend provisioning app in the Teams app store.

Once installed, the eSIM and Teams number become the business line on the mobile phone. You can then use the native dialer to make and receive Teams business calls, just as if you were at your desk. The business line will ring on your mobile together with your desktop, Teams app and your desk phone. Calls can be answered on any device.

Simple 5 Step process to get up and running

Each Teams User is provisioned with a Tango eSIM in their mobile phone. Most mobile devices have an eSIM slot to enable a business SIM to be added alongside their personal SIM. eSIM installation takes minutes using a QR Code – and after a simple pairing process, the eSIM is connected to the Teams User’s account and Teams phone number. Watch the installation video below to see this process in action.

Locate the Extend app in the Teams app store

QR codes are used to install the eSIM on the end user’s mobile device, from the provisioning App. The Tango Extend provisioning app is called EXTEND in the app store. This app needs to be made available to end users before they can download it to their Teams desktop.

See how quick and easy it is for a business user to get up and running with native Teams mobility on their existing mobile phone

See What the Leading Industry Analysts and Media Say

omdia press logo

Tango Extend for Microsoft Teams is a new eSIM solution that will make business mobile communications more seamless and intuitive

Adam Holtby, Principal Analyst at Omdia, shares opinion about the changing nature of the workforce, the importance of collaboration and communications to support hybrid working, and the positioning of Tango Extend support for Microsoft Teams.


Microsoft Teams dances into global wireless with Tango Networks

Dave Michels, Principal Analyst at TalkingPointz shares unique perspective via NoJitter about Tango Extend and Microsoft Teams in the context of UCaaS Mobility 3.

Who can sell Tango Extend – The eSIM for Teams Phone?

The service can be sold to Enterprise customers through existing Operator Connect or Direct Routing partners or by MS Teams Resellers who buy calling plans from approved Operator Connect partners in any Tango Home Country.

Microsoft Teams Resellers can sell Tango Extend for Microsoft Teams if they obtain landline phone numbers (DIDs) from a Tango approved Operator Connect Partner. These partners require approval by Tango Networks for compatibility of the calling plans with the SIP gateway service.

Each Enterprise will require a Teams Tenant and users to have at least a Microsoft E5 or Teams Phone license

Set-up process for Resellers:

  1. Become a Tango Reseller Partner
  2. Obtain Calling Plans from an Approved Tango OC Partner
  3. Use Enter the Teams Tenant ID in Tango’s Provisioning Portal and customize the Teams provisioning App
  4. Allocate the Provisioning App to Enterprise Users
  5. Enterprise Users install the App and follow the guide to install an eSIM
  6. After Installation – the User can start using their mobile phone with their Teams number

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