Mobile Unified Communications and Cost Savings for Any Business

From SMBs to Global Enterprises

All organizations need to assess their employees’ needs for business-class communications and collaboration tools both in and out of the office.

Whether you operate a small business or a multinational enterprise, many of these needs will be the same. Employees want their work lives to be easier and more efficient by:

  • Carrying as few business devices as possible and use those that I already have
  • Having the right device, UE and tools for where I want to use them
  • Getting the best quality and service performance when communicating externally with customers and internally with colleagues
  • Reducing expense claims and admin

As the business world embraces the changes brought about by the pandemic and new hybrid work practices, so communications needs to keep pace.

SMBs to Global Enterprise

Multinational Companies

The largest organizations need global solutions to meet their business and user needs. Tango Extend provides a single cost-effective mobile solution for business across countries and operators.

Top 3 Communications Priorities (250+ Employees)* Tango Enables
#1 Easier for employees to collaborate  
#2 Easier for employees to work from anywhere  
#3 Introduction of new functionality  

Large Companies

Large organizations need to provide flexible solutions for their frontline and hybrid workers. Tango Extend brings the mobile service into the control of your IT dept to allow each mobile device to work and be managed like a desk phone.

Top 3 Communications Priorities (50-249 Employees)* Tango Enables
#1 Easier for employees to work from anywhere  
#2 Easier for employees to collaborate  
#3 Cost reduction & introduction of new features  

Small & Medium Sized Businesses

Each small business needs cost-effective but centralised UC to support a small and flexible team. BYOD mobile services reduce expenditure and deliver consistent UC features directly to the native dialer on any mobile device.

Top 3 Communications Priorities (0-49 Employees)* Tango Enables
#1 Better customer service  
#2 Reduce telecom costs  
#3 Easier for employees to collaborate  

*Source: Cavell Group, Enterprise Telecoms Buyers Report 2022

Tango Extend for Small Businesses

Small businesses need communications solutions which are both flexible, inexpensive and rapid to deploy. SMBs are characterized by small teams who can work in multiple locations, and need to stay in touch, particularly cross-functionally, where role boundaries can be blurred.

UC platforms are typically Cloud-based, for cost, efficiency and scaleability. Many businesses have adopted collaboration tools, such as video conferencing separate from the basic UC voice services which come with the platform. Some UC services such as Microsoft Teams are bundled with Office productivity suites such as MS365 and include the calling licenses which can be matched with communications calling plans – to make a complete office solution.

When employees are out of the office, there have not been many options for using these tools on existing mobile devices. Many have reverted to using the UC app for business calls, but experiences of using VOIP calls over the mobile network are often very poor.

Tango Extend is the ideal business communications solution for SMBs. It allows existing mobile phones – owned by the employee or the business to become standard endpoints on your cloud UC platform. This delivers the best quality communications for business calls and removes all the barriers to using an App to make a phone call.

Many small organisations are passionate about their customers and their relationships with them. They are right to be concerned if their sales teams use their personal mobiles and personal numbers to contact customers – because it is more convenient. The danger occurs when the sales person leaves the business – they could take those customers with them.
With a Tango Extend eSIM employees, contractors and part-time staff can have two SIMs in their personal mobile phone – and use them interchangeably when making personal or business calls.

The solution is cost effective and efficient – and can keep the number of desk phones and company paid mobile phone purchases to a minimum.

The solution also provides convenience of using a personal mobile, while providing consistent business number presentation and the best quality calling experience possible.

Tango Extend for Large Companies and Multinationals

Multinational businesses look to deploy common business communications tools which can be rolled-out across the globe and deliver the best experience for their employees.

So far the experience for these companies has been poor. Standard mobile contracts have to be negotiated in each territory. The resulting services are not integrated into the UC platforms and tools, so they are outside the control of the CIO.

The Problem with Apps for Mobile UC

Existing solutions which have evolved to provide consistency of communications for workers outside the office have largely been offered by UC vendors as simple add-ons. Employees do not like opening a UC app to make a simple business call – and so the adoption of these has been poor.

The alternative is to equip each employee with a company paid mobile device, with associated business number. With new smartphones costing $1,000 or more, this strategy has its obvious financial limits, but also does not satisfy employees – who do not want to carry two devices around, so all that expense may end up sitting in a drawer.

In the new hybrid working world, IT managers have addressed similar high cost constraints by introducing BYOD schemes for laptop users. Now there is a similar opportunity to do the same with mobile devices.

Tango Extend can address all these issues.

  • A mobile service for either a company provided or personal phone
  • Full BYOD support with fast eSIM provisioning
  • Business calling from the native dialer green button
  • One mobile UC solution across many countries
  • Control of mobile calls by the central IT team
  • Mobile call recording for quality control or compliance

And typically around 50% savings on current costs and 20% Carbon usage savings.

Meeting the needs of the modern enterprise

Service Tango Extend Mobile Service Standard Mobile Service UC Supplied App
Uses Native mobile phone dialer
Calls Routed via UC Platform
UC Features (Music on hold, Short-code dialing, UC voicemail)
Low Battery Usage
In-Car Support
Shared Business Number
Call Recording
SMS Recording
Roaming Controls
Voice & Data Plans n/a

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