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Tango Extend is sold by a network of Tango Partners, who are Platform Vendor Resellers, CSPs or MSPs and who typically host UC services in the cloud, both privately or publicly for enterprise customers.

Tango Partners will usually already have a base of Enterprise customers in a variety of vertical sectors. These customers range from the largest multi-national enterprises to the small family business or sole trader. Many of these businesses will have employees and contractors who use their mobile devices increasingly as business tools.

For these users, the only choice until now has been to deploy UC apps on mobile phones. These use VOIP over cellular networks for voice calls, which is unreliable, unprioritized and drains the mobile phone battery.

Users do not want to open an app to make a phone call – they want to use the native dialer to make business phone calls. They demand the best voice quality and a reliable service.

Tango Partners are able to offer native dialer business calling from either company provided or personal BYOD devices. Interest in BYOD has grown enormously as the cost of company phones has rocketed. Tango Partners can offer savings of around 50% of total communications costs for their enterprise customers and dramatically improve user experience. At the same time it can help reduce carbon footprints.

Tango Partners can add unique mobile service capability, based on existing UC services to both their existing customer base as a value-added sale or to new customers who want to deploy mobile services in preference to or alongside fixed UC devices.

  • Mobile devices can be added as regular endpoints of the UC system
  • Mobile UC features extended to mobile devices
  • Reduction in Company provided mobile phones
  • Reduction in Office desk phones
  • DECT replacement with mobile phones
  • SMS control and/or recording
  • Roaming UC use in over 200 countries
  • Controls over the mobile service (e.g Roaming and data control)

Tango Requirements for Partners Include:

  • A Tango Master Services agreement for resale of Tango communications services
  • A compatible UC platform. (see the list of supported platforms)
  • Provisioning APIs or use of Tango’s provisioning portal
  • Variable Service billing capability (only if roaming or overages are to be offered)
  • 1st line support of the mobile UC service

For Microsoft Teams resellers – Tango Networks will need to approve each Operator connect partner used to provide Teams phone landline numbers. See the list of approved Operator Connect partners.

Channel Partner Support Program

Tango Networks operates a partner support program which consists sales and marketing support covering:

  • Partner Onboarding
  • Sales Enablement
  • Deal registration
  • Sales and Operational Training
  • Digital marketing and event support
  • Incentives
Covered by over 100 patents, our next generation fixed mobile convergence technologies are unlocking new business models, creating new markets, and changing the face of communications as we know it.

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