Tango Networks Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy

What are the permitted and prohibited uses for the mobile eSIM/SIM and service(s)?

This Acceptable Use Policy (“AUP”) governs your use of the Mobile Service(s). The Global Mobile Service(s) you use is a shared resource, which is managed for the benefit of all customers and you as an individual user/subscriber. Your Service Plan(s) is intended specifically for voice calling, messaging and mobile data and similar activities. Certain activities and uses of the mobile service(s) are permitted and others are not. If you purchase and/or use the eSIM/SIM in a mobile device manufactured specifically to be used on mobile networks, you agree, and our other customers and users rely on your agreement, that you intend to use the eSIM/SIM activated on the Mobile Service(s) and will not resell or modify the eSIM/SIM, or assist anyone doing so. You accept these conditions of service by doing any of the following things:

1) Providing written or electronic signature or confirmation or oral confirmation that you accept; or

2) Activating, using or paying for the Mobile Service(s).

Mobile Service(s) Permitted Use includes:

1) Voice calls;

2) Web browsing;

3) Messaging;

4) Email;

5) Streaming media;

6) Uploading and downloading applications and content to and from the Internet or third-party stores;

7) Using applications and content without excessively contributing to network congestion; and

8) Tethering a mobile device to other non-harmful devices pursuant to the terms and conditions and allotments of your Data Plan.

Unless explicitly permitted by your Service Plan, you are not permitted to use your eSIM/SIM or the Services in a way that:

1) Uses a repeater or signal booster other than one which is approved under mobile communication service regulations;

2) Compromises network security or capacity, degrades network performance, uses malicious software or “malware”, hinders other customers’ access to the network, or otherwise adversely impacts network service levels or legitimate data flows;

3) Uses applications which automatically consume unreasonable amounts of available network capacity;

4) Uses applications which are designed for unattended use, automatic data feeds, automated machine-to-machine connections, or applications that are used in a way that degrades network capacity or functionality;

5) Misuses the Service, including “spamming” or sending abusive, unsolicited, or other mass automated communications;

6) Accesses the accounts of others without authority;

7) Uses a fixed wireless device (provided for use in a fixed location) at a location or address other than the one provided at activation;

8) Resells the Service, either alone or as part of any other good or service;

9) Tampers with, reprograms, alters, or otherwise modifies your eSIM/SIM or Device to circumvent any of our policies or violate anyone’s intellectual property rights

10) Causes harm or adversely affects us, the network, our customers, employees, business, or any other person;

11) Conflicts with applicable law;

12) Is not in accordance with these Permitted and Prohibited uses; or

13) Attempts or assists or facilitates anyone else in any of the above activities.

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