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BYOD has come of age to serve the modern workforce

With hybrid and Gen-Z workers spending more time out of the office, there is a real IT challenge in providing them with tools and services to meet their remote working needs. Many organizations achieve considerable cost savings by implementing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs, while enabling a greater number of workers to become part of the IT and communications domain. Collaboration tools now run on any device and browser. But for making and receiving business calls out of the office, choice is limited.

The high cost of company-provided mobile devices makes it uneconomical to provide them to all but a few employees.

The ideal solution is to permit employees to use their personal devices but to give the company control over the business communications conducted with them.

The problem with UC apps

Traditionally, the solution is to provide a UC app to use on mobile phones for business calls. Mobile VoIP apps are unreliable on mobile networks because they use a service provider’s data network, not the native voice service. The result is inferior call quality that is often not fit for important business communications with a customer. Users do not like opening a separate app to make a call, and end up just using the native phone dialer, which will present their personal number to the receiver of that call.

So many business calls are avoiding business policies, such as call recording, and completely outside the control of the business.

Enter the Tango Extend Second eSIM Solution

Thanks to eSIM technology, businesses can issue eSIMs instead of company-owned smartphones. Nobody really wants to carry two large smartphones – one for personal use and another to make business calls. It’s very costly for the business and very inconvenient for the employee.

Simple BYOD mobile service for employees

Extend seamlessly embeds a business line directly in the employee’s personal mobile. The Tango Extend eSIM can be added to an existing personal mobile phone simply by scanning a QR code. The service creates a new and separate business identity on the device. Mobile device manufacturers ensure that managing two mobile subscriptions on a single device is secure, segregated and easy to use.

So now, every business can support the use of BYOD phones with dual lines and dual personas: business and personal.

Now employees or contractors can use their phone of choice that they know and love, whether Apple or Android. The Extend eSIM and the phone’s original eSIM establish two different phone lines, one for business and one for personal use. Now these employees, including contractors and others who previously did not have access to the corporate UC platform, can use company communications with the benefit of being able to make calls from the native phone dialer. The result is significantly increased business collaboration and improved professional integrity of communications with customers and suppliers.

Cost Savings with BYOD for the Business

There are significant cost advantages for the business. The number of desk phones and company provided mobile phones can be reduced and the business can shrink its carbon footprint too. The business also can reduce administrative overhead and cost in processing expenses for business use on personal phones. The cost of business usage now gets invoiced directly to the business.

Tango SIMs for BYOD Devices

A Tango eSIM or physical SIM and full mobile subscription is the ideal choice for BYOD personal phones.

Any landline or mobile DID can be assigned to the SIM, giving it the business identity you use with an existing desk phone or UC app. This ties your mobile persona with your office persona and prevents personal numbers being used for business.

Tango Extend routes every incoming and outgoing mobile business call through your existing UC platform, so all communications can be managed in the same way as for office based phones. All calls use the native dialer in the mobile phone. There is no need to open a UC app to make a business call.

All the features of your UC platform (call hold, transfer, voicemail) can be operated from the device’s native interface because the mobiles are seamlessly integrated into your communications ecosystem. Short-code extension dialing and presence are available too to save time and improve efficiency.

There’s no compromise on performance either. Call set-up times using Tango’s VoLTE service are super fast so calls ring on your business mobile at the same time as on your desk phone or UC app.

Where call recording services are part of your existing UC service, all business mobile calls can be recorded for compliance or quality monitoring. In addition an SMS copy service can be used to record and store all SMS text messages sent and received on the business line. At the same time, all calls and texts on the personal line remain completely separate and private.

Tango Extend is without question the best solution for high quality integrated business mobile communications with your existing UC platform.

Meeting the needs of the modern enterprise

Service Tango Extend Mobile Service Standard Mobile Service UC Supplied App
Uses Native Dialer
Calls Routed via UC Platform
UC Features (Music on hold, Short-code dialing, UC voicemail)
Low Battery Usage
In-Car Support
Shared Business Number
Call Recording
SMS Recording
Roaming Controls
Voice & Data Plans n/a

Tango Networks partners can provide:

  • Full mobile service with Voice, SMS and Data plans. Roaming services with policy controls on where employees can roam.
  • The Tango Extend SIM can either be used in a single SIM phone or in a spare SIM slot in a dual SIM device.
  • A physical or eSIM can be supplied to suit.

A Tango Extend SIM for BYOD personal phones can be provided by a Tango Networks approved partner. Complete the form to find a partner who can assist you.

Tango sells mobile services exclusively through a network of approved CSPs, MSPs and Resellers.

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