eSIMs make Tango Extend Mobile UC Activation Simple and Fast

Key benefits of eSIMs

eSIMs, the digital equivalent of a SIM card, solves most of the problems associated with physical SIM cards. They’re virtual and can be produced with very little expense. They can’t be physically damaged or lost in the post, can’t be duplicated, can be installed much faster, and the process can be managed remotely.

eSIMs were originally developed to address the logistical headaches of traditional physical SIMs and the real estate that they take up in the devices themselves. Support for eSIMs has been added to smartphones – so these devices can support multiple SIMs simultaneously, and this provides businesses the opportunity to add a business line into any personal mobile device.

Tango Extend is a dedicated business SIM allowing employees and contractors to use their existing mobile devices for business communications.

An existing business number is assigned to the Tango Extend SIM and all business calls are then routed via the existing UC platform.

Mobile devices can be BYOD or company provided and many support eSIMs so provisioning an end user can be done in minutes, using a QR code.

Installing a Tango Extend eSIM is as easy as 1-2-3

Authorize a new user

Scan QR code to download eSIM

Start using Tango Extend

Simple app-less activation of users in seconds with QR codes

Users no longer have to launch an app to make a business call. Extend provides business features such as four-digit short-code dialing, call hold and conferencing, all from the familiar native mobile phone interface.

Modern smartphones are very good at managing contacts and separating the use of two SIMs, allowing choice over which line to use for calls and text messages. This keeps personal calls private and completely separate from business communications.

Business calls and text messages can be recorded and analyzed for regulatory compliance or customer service quality control purposes, all through the existing UC platform.

Installing Tango Extend eSIM on iPhone

Installing Tango Extend eSIM on Samsung

Tango Extend is the go-to simple, app-less solution for mobile unified communications.

It enables businesses to go Mobile First and support the needs of the hybrid workforce.

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