Mobile-X Extend

The BYOD Business SIM™

Put an embedded business extension in each employee’s personal BYOD mobile phone

Enjoy simple, app-less Mobile UC for today’s Work-from-Anywhere business world 


The Mobile-X Extend service turns every employee’s mobile phone into an extension of your business communications system

  • Gives the business direct control over the second line on an employee’s phone for business voice, messaging and data.
  • All business communications use the corporate ID and business number, even on BYOD personal phones.
  • Simple to use: requires no special apps, phone clients or training.
  • Supports eSIM or physical SIMs.
  • Users operate their phones’ native interfaces for business-class communications: forward, conference, hold and other business functions are easy and intuitive.
  • Doesn’t rely on unreliable mobile data for voice calls: true mobile network voice and SMS services deliver top-quality communications without using VoIP.
  • Permits automatic capturing, recording or monitoring of business calls and texts.
  • Personal communications on the BYOD phone remain private and secure.
  • Simple activation with QR codes for eSIM provisioning.

Tango Extend enables companies to cut their carbon footprints. Click the button to learn more.

Mobile-X Extend: The BYOD Business SIM™ in Any Mobile Phone

Mobile Unified Communications with BYOD

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The Work-from-Anywhere Communications Solution

Mobile phones are the go-to device for all communications today, in our personal and business lives.

But permitting employees to use their personal mobiles for business creates an unprofessional appearance for your company. It also violates legal requirements for recording or company policies for quality control monitoring. Plus employees who are issued company mobiles are tired of carrying two phones.

Now with the explosion in the number of eSIM-enabled phones, you can have direct control over the voice, messaging and data for the second SIM in employees’ personal devices.

  • Retire expensive landline desk phones and company-issued mobile phone
  • Cut your company’s carbon footprint by eliminating redundant and unneeded phones
  • Stop employees from making business calls with personal numbers
  • Retain business contacts when employees leave your employ
  • Reduce expense administrative overhead by eliminating personal phone expensing
  • End supporting on-phone UC apps and enforcing usage policies
Mobile Unified Communications with BYOD

Reseller oportunity:  The Business Mobile Revolution

Our solutions put businesses in direct total control of mobile voice, messaging and data like never before. Sold exclusively by our channel partners, our solutions transform communications for today's business users. Covered by more than 90 patents, our next generation fixed mobile convergence technologies are unlocking new business models, creating new markets, and changing the face of communications as we know it.

Tango Extend is a turnkey solution that enables Communications Service Providers and Value Added Resellers to offer business mobile services quickly and easily. Click a button below to learn more.

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