Cisco Collaboration SMS Texting Solutions

Your Cisco Webex and Cisco Jabber users can send a message to any mobile phone

Unlock powerful new communications with Cisco SMS solutions by Tango Networks

  • Turn SMS messaging into a conversational tool for communicating with all your customers and partners
  • Permit users to message by SMS with anyone on any mobile phone
  • SMS-enable your Cisco Collaboration and UC tools, including Cisco Webex Teams and Cisco Jabber
  • Ensure compliance with monitoring, recording and archiving requirements
  • Separate personal and business communications for privacy compliance
  • Text directly from existing landline phone number (US & Canada customers only)
  • Offered as a subscription-based service. Contact Tango Networks for more details.

Text messaging is now the preferred way for most consumers to interact with companies. Business users of all types now rely on text messaging for work communications.

Are you empowering your employees to take advantage of this critical new communications channel?

Cisco Collaboration SMS Texting Solutions

SMS Texting from UC

Kinetic Cloud integrates SMS messaging seamlessly into your corporate Unified Communications systems and other applications. Users send and receive SMS text messages on their mobile phones and Kinetic Cloud automatically converts these messages to come from their business numbers. User SMS texting is in your control, so you can ensure the communications are compliant with monitoring, recording, and archiving requirements.

SMS Texting with Cisco Jabber

Kinetic Cloud enables your Cisco Jabber users can send Jabber instant messages that Kinetic Cloud converts to SMS text on the mobile network. Now your Jabber users can communicate by text message with anyone on any mobile phone.

SMS Texting with Cisco Webex Teams

The Webex Teams Collaboration tool’s instant messages are converted into SMS for communication with external parties. Now your Webex Teams implementation has become an even more powerful tool for communication and collaboration.

Features & Benefits

  • True single number communications – no more personal mobile phones for texting
  • Communicate by text with customers or clients but protect personal number
  • Fully hosted, cloud-based subscription service – no software or hardware to buy, install or maintain
  • Works with existing business numbers so voice and texting use a single number
  • Seamless porting of existing business numbers into the service
  • Dual Persona Management separates business and personal communications, ensuring privacy compliance
  • Supports integration with compliance tools for monitoring, logging, recording and archiving
  • Optional integration with other applications such as CRM and WFO

Enterprise Text Messaging is one of many enterprise mobile communications solutions made possible by the Tango Networks Mobile-X service. Mobile-X gives enterprises their own private mobile networks that cut communications costs, simplify security and compliance, and streamline communications for all staff worldwide. Other solutions include Mobile Unified Communications, mobile communications recording, and business application integration.

Enterprise Text Messaging is offered as a subscription-based service. Contact us for more details.

Our partners

Mobile-X is sold exclusively through select Communications Service Providers, IT solution sellers and system integrators.

Our sole focus is to empower these partners to bring innovative new mobile communications to their business customers, market exciting new mobile-enabled offerings, and generate huge demand for very sticky solutions.

The Mobility Opportunity for CSPs

Our CSP partners offering hosted or Cloud-based Unified Communications and business telephony can now expand their offerings to mobile communications with our easy-to-bundle Mobile-X service.

You can unlock new revenue streams, expand customer engagements, and deliver very sticky services that business customers love.

  • Differentiated mobile-inclusive offerings
  • Enable “Mobile First,” “Mobile Only” and Fixed-Mobile Convergence strategies for customers
  • Become a one-stop shop for fixed and mobile services
  • Expanded ROI by bringing more users to your UC platforms
  • Unique business-friendly features like putting customer IT departments in direct control of mobile
  • Device-native, highly intuitive user experience, cutting training and troubleshooting for you and your customers

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