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Tango Extend harnesses Private Spectrum for ‘Mobile First’ communications

Unlocking the power of true mobility with private spectrum, for a more secure and reliable in-building network

Today’s enterprise users are more mobile than ever. Remote employees, deskless workers, firstline workers, field service personnel… all of them rely on mobile devices to get their jobs done. But mobile communications have historically been “best efforts”’:  the mobile operator builds out capacity to cater for the general needs of the population, not the needs of a specific business or organization. And so companies struggle with gaps in coverage, in-building not-spots, insufficient throughput, and a general mismatch between their needs and what the operator has decided is appropriate for that location.

Enter a new approach to mobility:  private spectrum. Regulators around the world have identified the need for enterprises to have far greater control and flexibility when it comes to their mobile services.   New technologies in the 5G camp also allow for a rich blend of approaches to spectrum ownership between the enterprise and the mobile operator.

Private Spectrum allows an enterprise to take full control of their mobile assets in their own campuses, while transparently moving out into the public network to continue to work anywhere in the world.

Deploying Private Spectrum will enable enterprises to provide mobile on-campus workers with ultimately flexible, convenient and powerful mobile communications, with seamless coverage that extends to off-campus as well.

Now Tango Extend can be deployed for the industry’s first complete Private Spectrum solution, delivering business class Mobile Unified Communications over public and private mobile networks.

With Extend, the enterprise user can move to a single device, single network and single security framework. This reduces costs, improves security, and improves overall productivity.

Now companies can go “Mobile First” and make mobile devices the primary communications tool for employees, raising efficiencies and productivity without sacrificing communications quality or security.

Shaping the Future of Wireless

We’re supporting the CBRS Alliance as an adopter and advisor for the development, commercialization, and adoption of LTE solutions for the US 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service.

Our Extend service reflects the industry’s first true enterprise mobility service that enables enterprises to directly manage mobile communications for all employee users regardless of where they are and what devices they use, including over Private LTE.

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