Innovations deliver native integration of mobile devices with corporate communications platforms, for seamless mobile unified communications

FRISCO, TEXAS, USA, and LEEDS, ENGLAND, UK (September 21, 2022) — Tango Networks today announced that it has received its 100th patent on its groundbreaking fixed mobile convergence technology.

Tango Networks’ award-winning Extend service turns any mobile phone into a fully featured extension of a company’s communications platform.

Now employees can experience true mobile unified communications, maximizing communications efficiency and overall productivity no matter where they work.

“This innovation milestone signifies how our approach is revolutionizing mobile communications,” said Andrew Silver, Co-founder, CTO and CISO of Tango Networks. “Our technology enables businesses to gain direct control over the mobile communications of their employees for the first time. Now mobile communications are as easy to control as any other company communications or IT asset.”

The patents cover multiple aspects of Tango’s unique approach to natively integrating mobile devices as endpoints in a unified communications deployment.

Tango’s services enable employees to use native mobile phone interfaces to send and receive business calls and texts using the company identity and numbers. The latest version of the service, Tango Extend, permits an eSIM in a personal Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phone to become a business line. The service automatically separates personal and business personas on the phone, making BYOD phones truly business ready.

Tango’s solutions also permit all business calls and texts to be captured and recorded for records retention or to monitor customer service quality. Now employees in financial services and other industries can use personal mobile phones while remaining compliant with recording regulations.

Winner of more than 12 best new product and channel supplier awards, Tango’s solutions are used by businesses for Mobile First and Mobile Only communications strategies. The services enable businesses to operate work-from-home, hybrid and work-from-anywhere programs. It also enables businesses to extend corporate communications to mobile employees, deskless employees and frontline workers, many for the first time.

Tango Extend is sold through Tango Networks’ value-added resellers and communications service provider partners.