Fixed Mobile Convergence and the Introduction of Native Mobility to Microsoft Teams


In this comprehensive webinar, Andrew Bale, board director for Tango Networks, is joined by Charlie Doubek, VP of Managed Collaboration and Communications for NTT Ltd. and NTT Data. Together, they delve into the intricacies of Tango Extend, a pioneering solution designed to natively integrate mobile endpoints with Microsoft Teams.

As the dynamics of the global workplace evolve, businesses face challenges in maintaining quality communication, upholding compliance, and championing sustainability.

Andrew emphasizes the transformative potential of mobile-first collaboration, weaving together the benefits of high-quality calls, modernized business practices, and stringent compliance measures.

Meanwhile, Charlie offers a unique perspective on the rapid technological shifts witnessed during the pandemic. He sheds light on the importance of integrating communication methods, compliance, and how AI might play a pivotal role in the future of unified communications. Drawing from his experiences with NTT Ltd. and NTT Data, he highlights the significance of Tango Extend in fostering mobile convergence and promoting business continuity in this ever-changing digital age.

Attendees will leave with a holistic understanding of the future of business communication and the role of Tango Extend in spearheading this evolution.

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