Tango Extend for LG Ericsson

Tango Extend enables calls to be made from the native dialer on virtually any mobile phone, using any fixed or mobile number.

Tango Extend enables mobile phones to become another endpoint – like a desk phone, conference phone, Desktop or LG Ericsson soft client.

Tango Extend seamlessly brings LG Ericsson to employees on-the-go and the deskless workforce, such as frontline, hybrid and gig workers in retail, delivery, service, education, finance and virtually any industry. Tango Extend can be used by organizations of any size who have deployed LG Ericsson and want to enable more users to use their UC numbers on their personal or business mobile when out of the office.

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How it Works

LG Ericsson is a Tango approved and fully integrated UC and billing platform.

LG Ericsson empowers the telecom community to provide reliable and easy-to-use services to everyone. LG Ericsson supplies integrated and flexible BSS, OCS, and Softswitch solutions for service providers to help them easily compete and succeed. Trusted by over 500 service providers in 100+ countries since 2001.

Tango Extend for LG Ericsson enables CSPs to offer full mobile and fixed communications services for Enterprise. Mobile and Landline DID’s can be used to provide the full mobility suite of services, including Voice, SMS, MMS and Data.

Who can sell Tango Extend for LG Ericsson?

The service can be sold to Enterprise customers through existing LG Ericsson resellers.

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