Responsible Driver System from Tango Networks

Groundbreaking Mobility Solution Cuts Distracted Driving Risks for Fleet, Transit & Trucking Companies

  • Cuts distracted driving caused by mobile phone usage
  • You directly control driver phone usage for policy enforcement
  • Fleet operators, transit, trucking, transportation, logistics, field services
  • Policy enforcement is embedded in wireless network so cannot be circumvented except in emergencies
  • Enforces policies for any mobile phone
  • Prevents calling, texting, data when unsafe
  • Complements phone-based safety features such as Do Not Disturb

Distracted driving is a worldwide public safety crisis. Every year it claims thousands of lives. It causes millions of dollars in damage. It costs companies many more millions in lawsuits, insurance claims and premium increases.

Government statistics and analysis show that a leading cause of distracted driving is unsafe use of mobile phones by drivers.

The Responsible Driver System (RDS), a Tango Mobility™ Solution, puts you in control of safer driving policies. With RDS, your drivers of fleet, transit, logistics, field service and other vehicles will be safer and more attentive.

Tango Networks’ solutions are available in a cloud service, the Kinetic Cloud, or as an on-premises mobile convergence platform, the Kinetic Communications Platform

Complementing “do not disturb” and similar usage blocking features on mobile phones, the RDS enforces your mobile phone usage policies in the mobile network itself.

That means your drivers cannot turn off controls or bypass them, except in cases you permit. You have complete control to determine where, when and how your drivers can make or receive calls, send SMS texts or use data services.

Because it is embedded in the wireless network, RDS can enforce policies on any mobile phone, to enhance on-phone safety controls and usage-restriction apps.

Policies can be as granular as you want, specifying mobile phone usage based on vehicle speed, time of day, location and other parameters. Emergency calls are permitted exceptions.

You can also create exceptions to permit drivers to call the dispatcher, or for accountable policy bypass in special circumstances. Inbound calls are dynamically rerouted in the way you choose, with urgent call notification to permit drivers to return calls when it is safe to do so.

Tango Networks RDS:

  • Works with any mobile phone
  • It is not an app but a network-based system
  • It is completely enforceable to the custom policies set by the manager or subscriber
  • No GPS or Bluetooth required
  • Includes advanced policies such as Accountable Bypass with Recorded Consent

Our partners

Mobile-X is sold exclusively through select Communications Service Providers, IT solution sellers and system integrators.

Our sole focus is to empower these partners to bring innovative new mobile communications to their business customers, market exciting new mobile-enabled offerings, and generate huge demand for very sticky solutions.

The Mobility Opportunity for CSPs

Our CSP partners offering hosted or Cloud-based Unified Communications and business telephony can now expand their offerings to mobile communications with our easy-to-bundle Mobile-X service.

You can unlock new revenue streams, expand customer engagements, and deliver very sticky services that business customers love.

  • Differentiated mobile-inclusive offerings
  • Enable “Mobile First,” “Mobile Only” and Fixed-Mobile Convergence strategies for customers
  • Become a one-stop shop for fixed and mobile services
  • Expanded ROI by bringing more users to your UC platforms
  • Unique business-friendly features like putting customer IT departments in direct control of mobile
  • Device-native, highly intuitive user experience, cutting training and troubleshooting for you and your customers

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