Tango Networks Solution Cuts Business Carbon Footprint, Eliminates Redundant phones with Business BYOD

Award-Winning Mobile Service Embeds Full-Featured Business Phones in Mobiles for Cord-Cutting and Communications Consolidation

FRISCO, Texas & LEEDS, England–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tango Networks today announced that its Mobile-X™ Extend service enables companies to cut their carbon footprints by consolidating business communications on smartphones and eliminating redundant phones.

Tango Extend™ is an award-winning service that embeds a full-featured business line in a mobile phone, enabling employees to carry the equivalent of a desk phone with them anywhere they go. The solution is completely mobile native and requires no apps or training to use.

The service can turn a SIM in a multi-SIM phone into a business line, allowing employees to use personal Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phones for business with full integration into their company’s unified communications.

“Today’s hybrid work environments and work-from-anywhere world call for simplifying and converging business communications,” said Andrew Bale, Tango Networks Executive Vice President. “Tango Extend turns personal mobile phones into business extensions so companies can cut the cord and go ‘Mobile Only.’ Not only does this bring huge productivity and efficiency gains, it allows companies to eliminate unneeded phones.”

Environmental researchers report that mobile phones have the largest carbon footprint among all categories of information technology devices, surpassing desktop and laptop computers and displaysCompanies around the world have pledged to reduce their carbon footprints and carbon footprint auditing is an increasingly common focus of corporate facilities and operations management and sustainability practices.

Companies deploying Tango Extend are now consolidating business communications on mobile phones and eliminating unneeded landline desk phones or redundant company-issued mobiles.

The service is the industry’s first to use eSIMs to add a business-controlled extension to an existing phone in minutes, creating dual user personas for business and personal use. Business voice and text communications use the business-controlled SIM and the business identity and phone number. Meanwhile, personal communications use the personal SIM and remain private and separate and use the personal identity and number.

Tango Extend also enables business communications on personal mobile phones to be captured and recorded for retention and compliance, such as in financial services or customer service operations.

Winner of more than 12 best new product awards and channel supplier citations, Tango Extend utilizes Tango Networks’ fixed-mobile convergence technologies covered by more than 90 patents.

Businesses use Tango Extend solutions for Mobile Unified Communications (Mobile UC)Mobile First and Mobile Only communications. The solution enables businesses to operate work-from-home, hybrid and work-from-anywhere programs while retaining communications control and compliance. The solution bring fully integrated business communications to mobile employees, deskless workers and frontline workers such as delivery and in-home service personnel, many for the first time.

Tango Extend is sold solely through Tango Networks’ value-added resellers and communications service provider partners.

Mobile-X and Tango Extend are trademarks of Tango Networks, Inc.