Tango Extend offers instant addition of business lines to personal BYOD mobile phones with its eSIM technology

FRISCO, TEXAS, USA, and LEEDS, ENGLAND, UK (October 20, 2022) — Tango Networks today announced general availability of eSIM support for its Tango Extend service, enabling touchless activation of business lines on users’ personal mobile phones.

Extend embeds a full-featured, secure and controlled business extension on employees’ Bring Your Own Device phones without any apps or special configuration. Users can activate a business line in their personal phones simply by scanning a QR code to download the eSIM.

Extend offers the industry’s simplest and most flexible way to bring mobile unified communications to the entire distributed workforce of any company.

“Now any personal phone can be turned into a fully secure and controlled business communications device,” said Douglas Bartek, CEO of Tango Networks. “Gone are the days when employees had to buy and issue mobile phones to employees, who in turn had to carry two phones. Now one device does it all while keeping business and personal communications completely separate and secure.”

Also today Mobile Breakthrough announced that Tango Networks received one of the organization’s Mobile Breakthrough Awards for the third straight year, recognizing Extend as the winner of the “Unified Communications Solution of the Year” award.

Extend integrates an eSIM on the employee’s personal phone into the company’s communications platform, such as a UCaaS service. All dual SIM mobile devices manage SIMs as separate subscriptions on the device, so the user can choose either to make a personal call using their personal SIM or a business call using the Tango Extend eSIM.

Business calls and texts automatically present the business number to the called party and the company can capture and record the communications for retention or monitoring.

Meanwhile all personal calls and texts use the personal identity and number and remain completely private and secure.

Covered by 100 patents, Extend is the industry’s most advanced implementation of fixed mobile convergence technology. The service is mobile native, using the mobile network and the device’s native interface for all communications and features. That means it requires no apps or special phone clients and no training. The service offers superior, business-quality communications not possible with over-the-top VoIP.

Extend enables businesses to retire landlines and company-issued mobile phones and to reduce their carbon footprints while shrinking administrative overhead and expenses.

Businesses use Extend for Mobile Unified Communications, Mobile First and Mobile Only communications, and work-from-home, hybrid and work-from-anywhere flexibility. It brings fully integrated business communications to mobile employees, deskless employees and frontline workers, many for the first time.

Tango Extend is sold solely through Tango Networks’ value-added resellers and communications service provider partners.