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The industry’s first Software-Defined Communications platform

Powerful orchestration & policy control independent of UC infrastructure

Mobile communications optimized for the enterprise

More than 250,000 end-points enabled


Enterprises have been revolutionized by the introduction of Unified Communications and other advanced communications platforms.

    But deploying these innovations and gaining the most value from them remains challenging.


  • How do you simplify the management of UC across your varied users, devices and environments?
  • How do you orchestrate UC features and applications for users in multi-vendor environments?
  • Can you integrate your UC applications into the workflow of your enterprise applications?
  • How can you expand your UC footprint to include all types of mobile devices?
  • Can you ensure a seamless, simple user experience that maximizes productivity and minimizes support headaches?
  • How do you ensure that communications are properly recorded to comply with government and industry requirements?

The Kinetic Communications Platform from Tango Networks is the industry’s first solution to bring the power of Software-Defined policy control and management to enterprise communications.

The Kinetic Communications Platform is a patented communications policy engine that enables you to extend enterprise communications seamlessly to any user’s mobile device in any environment.

  • Supports any standard PBX or UC platform from all major vendors, including orchestrating UC in mixed vendor environments
  • Provides simple, flexible control over users, usage and UC features on mobiles
  • Exposes rich UC features on mobile devices, putting the power of the desk phone in your users’ pockets

Technical benefits of the Kinetic Communications Platform include:

  • Integration with enterprise workflows

    • Synchronizes and optimizes UC with enterprise applications such as CRM, ERP, inventory, and others
    • Embeds the mobile device’s “Green Button” into enterprise workflow, for a superior user experience with the device’s native interface
    • Now voice, messaging and other applications are available at the right time in the right form
    • Automatically attach call recordings, messaging, logs and other communications details into application workflow records

    Rich desktop phone features on any mobile

    • Cut the cord without giving up voice and messaging features
    • Seamlessly enables enterprise on-premises UC features to be accessed on any mobile phone, with automatic WiFi to cellular handoff
    • Features include: Identity Management; Do not disturb; Call Transfer; Conference; Call move

    True identity management

    • Industry-leading capabilities to simplify the management of dual personas (work and personal) on mobile phones
    • Business messaging across mobile and fixed lines, allowing for a true single identity to be maintained across both texting and voice

With the Kinetic Communications Platform, enterprises can boost productivity of users on mobile devices, including BYOD environments, ensuring users can get the most done with the devices they like to use.

Because it is vendor agnostic and abstract from the underlying UC infrastructure, the platform dramatically simplifies UC management, cutting troubleshooting and user issues.

The platform enables enterprises to adopt “Mobile First” communications strategies, tapping the power of UC on mobile devices to permit desk phone replacement. At the same time, the Kinetic Communications Platform enables full compliance with call recording and logging requirements.

Our partners

Mobile-X is sold exclusively through select Communications Service Providers, IT solution sellers and system integrators.

Our sole focus is to empower these partners to bring innovative new mobile communications to their business customers, market exciting new mobile-enabled offerings, and generate huge demand for very sticky solutions.

The Mobility Opportunity for CSPs

Our CSP partners offering hosted or Cloud-based Unified Communications and business telephony can now expand their offerings to mobile communications with our easy-to-bundle Mobile-X service.

You can unlock new revenue streams, expand customer engagements, and deliver very sticky services that business customers love.

  • Differentiated mobile-inclusive offerings
  • Enable “Mobile First,” “Mobile Only” and Fixed-Mobile Convergence strategies for customers
  • Become a one-stop shop for fixed and mobile services
  • Expanded ROI by bringing more users to your UC platforms
  • Unique business-friendly features like putting customer IT departments in direct control of mobile
  • Device-native, highly intuitive user experience, cutting training and troubleshooting for you and your customers

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