Mobile UC for Finance & Banking

The world’s first mobile network built for business, controlled by businesses

Mobile Unified Communications for financial services and banking firms without sacrificing features or compliance

Tango Networks’ Mobile-X gives financial services organizations the power to maximize workforce mobility without sacrificing compliance or control.

Mobile phones operate on wireless networks that are out of your direct control. So managing mobile communications and ensuring compliance with recording regulations can be a challenge.

Regulations require most financial services professionals in broker, dealer and financial advisor roles to retain records. Mobile-X enables you to manage your users’ mobile phones as extensions of your existing unified Communications and PBX systems. The service enables you to use existing compliance recording and archiving systems to record mobile calls and texting, for compliance with Dodd-Frank and SEC guidelines and MiFID II for record retention.

  • Rich Mobile Unified Communications on any mobile device improve employee availability
  • Single number reach for better responsiveness and first-time call completion
  • Centralized call and SMS text recording and archiving, even on personal devices
  • Boosts regulatory compliance, including Dodd-Frank and MiFID II archiving for mobile communications related to financial transactions
  • Leverages existing PBX / UC for corporate communications on mobiles
  • Control costs by enforcing call handling and routing policies, for lower long distances and international charges
  • Powerful identity management, with strictly separate personal and business personas
  • Business continuity, with full corporate communications availability on mobiles if the desk phones go down
  • Intuitive user interface, including native phone features for corporate communications
  • Superior user experience – users don’t do “end runs” to circumvent corporate communications and compliance
  • Unlocks the power of mobility for traders, contact center representatives, executives, sales representatives

Channel Opportunity: Making BYOD Ready for Business


Mobile-X Extend enables simple capturing and recording of voice and text communications on any smartphone, including personal Bring-Your-Own- Device phones.

Now financial services and banking employees can be mobile, in touch and compliant all at the same time.

  • Embeds a full-featured business extension in any BYOD smartphone
  • Delivers simple, app-less Mobile Unified Communications for Work-from-Anywhere
  • Integrates mobile phone as an end-point in UCaaS or other unified communications platform
  • Captures voice and text on personal BYOD for recording
  • Identifies all business communications with business ID and numbers
  • Keeps all personal communications remain 100% personal and private

Mobile-X Extend is the BYOD Business SIM, making personal Bring-Your-Own-Device mobile phones truly business ready for the first time.

The Mobile Empowered Trader

  • Always reachable, always responsive
  • Uses the mobile device she knows and loves
  • First to make the trade, fastest response to changes
  • Always compliant, voice and text recorded, logged and archived

Our Partners "Make Money with Mobile"

Mobile-X is sold exclusively through select Communications Service Providers, IT solution sellers and system integrators.

Our sole focus is to empower these partners to bring innovative new mobile communications to their business customers, market exciting new mobile-enabled offerings, and generate huge demand for very sticky solutions.

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